A TK frontend for Kai Vehmanen's Ecasound
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Latest Tkeca version is: 4.4.3

Version: Changes:
0.2.1 - Visual changes. - A lot of alert messages.
- Unlimited tracks (I need to add a scroll bar).
- Top buttons layout.
- Mixdown to file.
- Pause/Continue button.
- Export to .ecs button.
- "Save as" button.
0.4.0 - Ladspa plugins support.
- The way that tkeca deals with effects was changed.
- Some changes in the script.
- You don't need to type "wish" anymore (Thanks to Kai Vehmanen).
0.4.1 - Effects Preview.
0.4.2 - Scrollbar in the tracks frame added.
- Visual changes.
- Mixdown bug solved.
- Browsers starts in .
0.6.0 - Options button works. Allows to edit ecasoundrc file.
- Entry for selecting current directory.
- Bug fixes on "Save as" button, open file when there was an existing project, play when choosing a different device.
- Autodetect external wave editor and ladspa directory.
- Visual changes in effect windows.
0.8.0 - Recording/Mixdown properties windows.
0.8.1 - Alert when trying to make mixdown with no tracks.
- Bug when opening more than one Recording properties windows fixed.
0.8.2 - Bug when trying to export .ecs with checked Rec box.
- Bug when playing recorded tracks.
- Add quotes when filename contains spaces.
1.0.0 - GUI changes
- Each track can contain more than file (takes), each take can be placed in a desired time and processed during a defined time("Wave Info" button opens a new window).
- Each take have a "Wave Edit" button.
- Each take can be seted to Play or Record but it always will depends of the track status (Main window).
- mfe file format was changed, no compatibility with previous versions.
- "Wave Edit" button was changed for "Eca Tools" because now wave edit works with each take and Normalize and Dc Fix works with all track takes. The "Wave Edit" button was added to "Wave Info" window.
- The Play+Record button was eliminated and replaced for the "Recording" checkbutton.
- The "Play" button changes to "Stop" button when playing tracks.
- Added buttons to modify the starting position.
1.0.1 - Tkeca was released under GNU General Public License (GPL).
- Added file license.txt.
1.0.2 - Bug when ecasoundrc wasn't in ~/.ecasoundrc (Thanks to Kai Vehmanen).
- Bug when no LADSPA directory was defined in .ecasoundrc (Thanks to Kai Vehmanen).
1.2.0 - Bug in "Options" button (.ecasoundrc related).
- "Save File" stores "Current Directory" and "Recording".
- Up to 16 channels.
- Added ALSA and JACK devices to the "Dev." button.
- Added "Chn." for selecting source for multichannel cards.
- Added "Del Last Track" button.
- Added "Del All Tracks" button.
- Added "Prop" button for track properties.
- Added automatic wave file length parse using Ecalength.
- The way that Tkeca build the Ecasound command was improved.
- Bug when panning mono files.
1.4.0 - Opening "Track Properties" window is no longer when checking the "Rec" check box. Now use the "Prop" button.
- Bug when deleting tracks: "Waves" info keeps the old wave files information.
- Mute and unmute tracks in real time.
- Volume slide works in real time.
- Pan slide works in real time.
- "Play" checkbox was replaced by "Mute" checkbox, it works only with the takes marked as "Play". It has no effect with the takes marked as "Rec".
- Parse current position when pressing the Stop button.
1.6.0 - Added "Bypass" effect checkbox. You can use it in real time.
- Effects parameters can be modified in real time.
- Bug when "Edit Current Effect"
- Bug when using Volume and Pan in real time.
1.8.0 - Added "Locate" window with up to 16 preset positions.
- "Del All Tracks" function was changed by "Close".
- Destroy associated Wave files windows when deleting tracks or close.
- Added "Lose changes" warning when opening a new file over an already opened file.
2.0.0 - Real time position clock (it's only for reference, it is not a precision tool). When stop playing/recording, clock values are replaced by the output of Ecasound's dump-position, this is the real position.
- Automatic file name extension
- compatibility with files created with version 1.8.0
3.0.0 - Tkeca don't use ewf files anymore, now each track has only one associated wave file. This is because sometimes ewf files generates sync problems
- Allows to start recording in the middle of a wave file
- Punch-in and punch-out positions in the locate window (Thanks to Rocco for suggest this feature and helping me to test it)
- Automatic "Go to 00:00" after punching and after play/record for a time longer than the longest wave file
- Effect menu was improved, now you can see the name of the attached effect and it status.
- Added "Wave File Delete" command to Tools button
- Automatic filename extension when exporting to .ecs
- "Exported to..." message after exporting to ecs
- Enlarged pan and volume faders
- Enlarged "Options" window
- The way Tkeca generates the chainsetup was improved
- "Time Format" button was added. It allows to switch between MM:SS and SSSS. Useful for old Ecasound users who use to work with seconds
- "Wave Files" window no longer in this version
- The main window was simplified
- The general "Recording" checkbox was eliminated
3.2.0 - Bug when Fw 5'' and Rew 5'' in Seconds Format
- Bug in LADSPA effects that use srate. Tkeca assumes 44100 (Thanks to Mark de Wever for report this bug)
- Bug in effects names when loading an saved file.(Thanks to Mark de Wever for report this bug)
- Pre-roll using temporary files
- Metronome (like an effect)
- html User Manual
3.2.1 - Bug when opening projects. mfe(volume_position1) not defined.
- Bug when generating instructions for Ecasound
4.0.0 - Bug when opening file over an already open file.
- Bug when changing plug-ins parameters in real time.
- Bug in the File entry box.
- "Default" device option uses the default output of ecasoundrc
- "Solo" button.
- "Del" current track button.
- Up to 8 effects in each track.
- Save the effects status.
- Added Ecasound preset effects (10 band Eq and more)
- Track name box.
- Disable "Rec" checkbutton when playing/recording.
- Muted tracks skiped when exporting to .ecs.
- Some basic mastering tools were added to the Mixdown Options Window.
- "Del Last Track" button no longer.
- Mixdown Options window changed.
- Effect Windows format changed.
- Track Recording Properties windows changed.
- Global Options Window changed.
- Effect menus changed. Faster and easier access.
- Warning message when trying to add new effects on the fly, this is not (and never was) allowed.
- Warning message when deleting wave files.
- Compatibility with files created with version 3.0.0 or later.
- Cosmetic changes.
4.0.1 - Bug when changing volume and pan while playing/recording.
4.0.2 - Bug in mixdown properties window.
4.2.0 - Main window components expands to fit all available space.
- Bigger Effects window, components expands to fit all available.
- Options window components expands to fit all available.
- Master volume window.
- Tracks header was eliminated.
- Track volume controls max set to 400.
- Bug when adding tracks with one or more previous "Solo" tracks.
- Bug in the Wave File delete warning window.
- Effect windows shows track name in replace of track number.
- Toplevel windows have a more descriptive title.
- Button "Pause" was eliminated.
- Certain buttons get disabled after "Play" button is pressed.
- "Stop" button in Effect windows.
4.4.0 - LADSPA Loading Window.
- Main Window is visible during the LADSPA plug-ins loading.
- Message if Tkeca is unable to find ecasoundrc file.
- Processing Mixdown window.
- Master volume control.
- Filenames with spaces are allowed.
- Certain buttons get disabled during mixdown.
- Compressor utility is no longer available for mixdow, it was useless and buggy.
- Bug: Certain buttons remain disabled after exporting .ecs.
- Bug: Track Properties windows always reset to default values.
- Bug: Always applying compressor due an "IF" error.
4.4.2 - Installer script
- Latency compensation
- Metronome
- Improved layout on Locate window
- Cancel button in Mixdown window
- Improved looking on Mixdown Window/Rec Properties window
- Improved devices list
- Tkeca.log only stores useful information and can be used as debugging tool (before size was 21MB now is less than 1KB)
- Went back to TK default colors but now there's a button for changing the colors palette
- Buttons "Rew 5", "Forw 5" and "Go to 00:00" are available when playing.
- Certain buttons and entry boxes get disabled when pressing Play
- Normalize parameters when doing a mixdown
- Bug: Start and End time not showed in the mixdown window
- Bug: Recording over an existing file was not possible
- Bug: Time counter keeps rolling when pressing a locate button
- Bug: Play still looks for wave files of deleted tracks
4.4.3 - File types include MIDI and mod exts
- Again compatible with TK 8.4 since this is the current version for distros like Ubuntu and Debian
- Bug: Track properties reset to default values everytime
- Bug: Mixdown properties reset to default values everytime
- Bug: Global Multichannel properties reset to default values everytime

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